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Portrait Planner Covers

To download your cover, click on it. Then on the next page click the download button. It will download as a pdf that you can import into the first page of your planner.

Download Your Widgets

With the purchase of our planner, you also get access to our basic widgets! Find out how to use them below!

2023 Girl Boss Business Planners

Floral Business Planner
Confetti Business Planner
Black & White Business Planner
Bouncy Rainbow Stripes Business Planner

How To Use The 2023 Teacher Planner

2023 Teacher Planners

2023 Rainbow Stripes Teacher Planner

Teacher Planner Bonuses

Teacher Stickers
Teaching Widgets
Teacher Expansion Pack
Printable Teacher Pages

2023 Academic Planners

2023 Books Academic Planner
2023 Dots Academic Planner
2023 Pencils Academic Planner
2023 Plain Jane Student Planner

2023 Homeschool Planners

Neutral Homeschool Planner
Confetti Homeschool Planner
Homeschool & Teacher Widgets

Expansion Packs


Bouncy Rainbows Notebook
Daisy Blues Notebook
Drops Of Blue Notebook
Floral Dreams Notebook
Fun Flowers Notebook
Gorgeous Grays Notebook
Pretty & Purple Notebook
Pretty Peonies Notebook
Rainbow Stripes Notebook
Whimsical Blooms Notebook

Undated Home Planner

The Organized Life Toolkit

The Organized Life Tookit

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Each planner has its own instructions and tutorial videos but you can also find all our FAQs and Tutorials here!

Our Tutorials

The Best Apps For Digital Planning

  • Goodnotes (Apple)
  • Noteshelf (Apple & Android)
  • Zoomnotes (Apple)
  • Notability (Apple)
  • Xodo (Apple & Android)
  • Penly (Android)


We have a strict to returns or refunds policy that can be viewed here and was agreed to upon purchase when accepting our terms and conditions.

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If you cannot access your planner when clicking on go to the download hub, instead go to your account. Then click on subscriptions and access your planner from there.

Yes you can use your digital planner on a PC by downloading Noteshelf from the Google Play Store or Xodo from the Microsoft Store.

However, please be aware that Digital Planners are made to be use with a tablet and work best that way. On a PC, you will be limited to using text boxes to write in your planner.

If you purchased The Organized Life Toolkit before SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 and have already created an account for The Organized Life Toolkit, you can login here. 

If you purchased The Organized Life Toolkit after SEPTEMBER 20, 2021, you can find the Toolkit here after logging in.

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We have many tutorials here teaching you how to use your digital planner. 

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