Digital Planning 101

New to digital planning? Or have a specific question. You’re in the right place! Here you will find answers to all your digital planning questions using the most popular planning apps!

Step 1: Choose Your PDF Annotation App

Our digital planners are made to be used with a pdf annotation app such as Goodnote5 or Noteshelf. The app you can use with our digital planners depends on what kind of device you have. Choose the best app for you based on the device list below.

Apple Devices

  • Goodnotes5
  • Noteshelf
  • Notablility
  • Zoomnotes
  • Xodo

Android Devices

  • Penly
  • Noteshelf
  • Xodo

Microsoft Device

  • Xodo
  • Our planners DO NOT work with OneNote.

While there are a lot of apps to choose from, we only provide tutorials for Goodnotes, Noteshelf, & Penly because they are the most popular digital planning apps an have the best features!

Step 2: Import Your Planner Into Your App

Learn how to download and import your planner into your PDF Annotation App with our Tutorials Below!

Step 3: How To Use Your PDF Annotation App

Learn how to use all the features of your digital planning app!

Step 4: How To Use Digital Stickers

Learn how to add digital stickers to your planner!

How To Use Expansion Packs

Learn how to add extra pages to your planner with our expansion packs!

Mini Tutorials

Quick answers to questions you may have!

Advanced Features

Some apps, like Goodnotes, have advanced features you can use!

Learn about the advanced features that may be available to you!

Individual Planner Tutorials

Planner Tutorials & Walkthroughs of all of our digital planners


Have a question that we didn’t answer in the videos above? Find your answer below!

For an iPad, we recommend using Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability. 

For an Android, we recommend Noteshelf or Penly. 

Please note that when using an Android for digital planning, there is currently no app that will automatically sync between devices. 

For a Microsoft Surface, the only app that will work with our planners is Xodo. 

Our planners DO NOT work with OneNote. 

For a Fire Tablet, you can use Metamoji, but the app has limited features. 

Due to our products being digital products, we have a zero refund policy.

This is because you cannot return the product to us once you download it.

We do our best to help you use our digital planners with all our tutorials and FAQs. If you need more help, please contact us below!

It depends on which planner you purchased from us.

The 2022 Everything Planners are only dated for one year. So just like a regular paper planner, you will have to purchase a new one each year if you want a planner with the correct dates.

However, with the everything planners, we provide an undated option that you can date yourself year after year if you wish to not purchase a new planner.

If you purchased the home planner, it is undated because it is a home management tracker that you can use for more than one year. The current version of the home planner includes a dated expansion pack for 2021 and 2022 that you can add to your planner.

Our tutorial videos are filmed using the iPad Pro 4th Generation and the Samsung Galaxy S7 FE 5G.

With our iPad, we use an Apple Pencil with a Nimble Sleeve.

The pen we use with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is the pen it comes with.

Yes! But depending on your devices, there may be restrictions.

With Apple devices, such as an iphone, ipad, and Mac, your planner will automatically sync across your devices through iCloud. You can then open your planner on whichever app you are using to plan with. You just have to use the same app across all devices. We recommend Goodnotes!

With Android devices, there is currently no way to automatically sync your planner from one Android device to another. However, you can still use your planner on multiple devices by manually backing up and syncing your planner!

Here you can find the instructions from Noteshelf to share your planner from one device to another using Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can also share your planner from one device to another with Penly by exporting your planner as a penly file, and opening it on another device using Penly.

If you are trying to share your planner from an Apple device to an Android device or vice versa, you will have to manually share/export the file and save it to Google Drive or Dropbox as well.

Having trouble logging into your account?

First, be sure you are logging in here to access the planner download hubs – https://paperheartsplannerco.com/login/

and not into your store account that is located here – https://shop.paperheartsplannerco.com/account/login

We know it is easy to confuse the two “accounts”

If you need to download a planner that you purchased, you will want to download it from our download hubs.

If you purchased stickers or an expansion pack, you will want to download them from our store!

No our planner is not an app. It is a hyperlinked pdf that you use with a pdf annotation app.

You must purchase the pdf annotation app separately.

Most apps are $7 dollars and a one time fee.

You can use Xodo which is a free app, but the features are limited and hard to use. We only recommend Xodo when it is your last resort.

Digital planners are made to be used on tablets first and foremost.

However you can use them on a PC with the Noteshelf App or Xodo App.

You will only be able to use text boxes to write in your planner and the desktop version of the app may not have as many features as the tablet version.

Yes you can!

However, please remember that digital planners are created to be used on tablets. This means that they are sized to fit on a tablet and may not be sized correctly on your phone.

You will also only be able to use a text box to write on your phone unless you have a stylus that will allow you to write on your phone.